Maryam Palizgir

Maryam Palizgir



Photo collage

Photo collage/drawing, wood, Bronze, Copper, Dried plant, Acrylic box

This project is staging the body in the contemporary moment by addressing sociopolitical issues. 

An amalgam of the protuberant naked body parts with unconventional materials such as Balloon plant seed pod, plywood, and brick walls staged in constructed space to articulate fear, anxiety, grief, loss, and inequality in the contemporary moment. Treating the body as a medium to question the political moment and the truth. 

Employing structural building materials is a metaphor for socio-political boundaries that enclose contemporary man and create claustrophobic spaces. 

Once the vulnerable flesh merges with the rough materials, it abstracts parts and invites the viewer to contemplate the ever-lasting emotional and mental impacts of social and political power. 

In a tangible representation, the relationship between a structure and the human form transforms “the mental into physical to find a new relationship between the two.” Using the body becomes a way to connect the individual with the universal human experience – one person asking others to resonate as a whole. 

A female body penetrates and intertwines with space addressing feminine aspects, social and political disruption, destruction, and reconstruction that recur throughout each photograph collage.