Maryam Palizgir

Earth Vessels

The story of water is the story of life. I respond to water scarcity that is happening around the world as a social artist’s responsibility. The scientific conversation between Iran-my home country- and the United States over water has extended back more than a decade. It appears that this international cooperation may have helped cement a new relationship between the two countries. I am thinking about making this bond stronger with cooperating artist s and scientists or activists. There have always been contacts at the university level, and at the level of the National Academy of Sciences, between the countries about water efficiency, water conservation, water technologies and how to manage droughts. As the water situation in the Middle East has gotten worse, the interest has gotten higher to me. I came up with the idea of visualizing the Lake-Lake Urmia- shrinking and end up with connecting this Lake with her Twin in the US –Great Salt Utah. Although there has not been a friendly political relation between two countries there is still a strong bond between these two lakes, maybe inside of the earth not from visible borders of the countries.

Video Installation /Mixed Media

Hand-cut screen mesh, tulle, salt, blood capsule, rusting technique, animation projected