Maryam Palizgir

Maryam Palizgir

Threads of Consciousness


In “Threads of Consciousness,” I embark on an artistic journey that explores the intricate web of human identity and the profound interplay between our thoughts and our sense of self. This installation fuses two distinct mediums, embroidered sentences on a quilt and a ceramic human brains sculpture, with a common thread that weaves through them, metaphorically and literally, to convey the concept that “you are what you think.”


The quilt, a tactile and comforting canvas, serves as the foundation for the embroidered sentences. Each carefully chosen phrase reflects the complex and often enigmatic nature of human cognition. As viewers engage with the quilt, they become entangled in a narrative that probes the depths of our inner world. These sentences, like neurons firing in the brain, represent the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that shape our identity.


Connecting the quilt to the ceramic human brains sculpture are threads—thin, delicate, and almost ethereal in their appearance. These threads represent the synapses that link our thoughts and perceptions to the physicality of our brains. Just as thoughts travel along neural pathways, the threads bridge the gap between the quilt and the sculpture, symbolizing the profound connection between our mental processes and our physical existence.


The ceramic human brains sculpture, meticulously crafted, conveys the fragility and resilience of the mind. Its form evokes the intricacies of the brain’s convolutions, suggesting the complexity of our thoughts. The sculpture, rendered in a stark, unadorned manner, invites viewers to contemplate the vulnerability and resilience inherent in the human experience.


“Threads of Consciousness” invites viewers to explore the intimate relationship between our thoughts and our identity. It challenges us to consider how our perceptions, beliefs, and experiences shape who we are. As viewers trace the threads that connect the quilt to the sculpture, they embark on a visual and conceptual journey, unraveling the layers of their own consciousness and contemplating the profound truth that “you are what you think.”

Through this installation, I aspire to create a space for reflection, introspection, and connection—a space where viewers can confront the intricate tapestry of their own identity and the powerful role that their thoughts play in shaping it.